Bomeca was founded on a design created in 1972

Bomeca is the result of an idea conceived in 1972 by Giuseppe Boschetti. Bomeca is what we are and what we do.
Bomeca, the acronym for Boschetti Meccanica Carpenteria, has always been distinguished for its high quality, professionalism and passion for its work.
Founded in 1972 by Giuseppe Boschetti, it was established as a small artisan company of manufactured products.
Over the years, expansion of the machinery park and constant renovation of the production processes led to the company’s more “industrial” development, however it always maintains its “artisan” philosophy.

Controls and quality

We believe the quality of the end product is the most important business card to represent the potential and efficiency of our company. Accurate control therefore becomes a fundamental point within our production process.
The company avails of a metrology room, with modern, efficient measurement tools that are calibrated annually, to guarantee the controls carried out on parts.

“The perception of quality cannot be a subjective concept. It must be feasible, firm and objective; it is always the result of an intelligent process constructed over time.”